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A pack is only as strong as its members. Check out our latest partnership designed create a comprehensive ego system in order to enhance our Wolf Pack's experience. Go on... Indulge a little!

Sanctioned By Gods™

For those who live life by their own rules, your fashion should break the mold. Inspired by global influences, our mesmerizing hair adornments turn gems, crystals, fabrics & jewel tones into limited edition pieces. When fashion is your most beautiful rebellion, it's time to be bold. Rebellious is our legacy.

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Más Vida by Massiel “Massy” Arias

Born in the Dominican Republic, Massy has been an American resident since the age of 14 and currently resides and trains out of Los Angeles, California.

She sets the example for how adopting a healthy diet and active lifestyle can change individual lives mentally, physically, and spiritually. She has committed herself to a healthy life with which she herself has emerged from depths of depression and physical limitations to become the glowing motivational force she is to millions around the world.

Más Vida mission is to help you take your health and fitness to the next level with the support of a strong community around you.

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Galaxy S22 Launch

The WH Shop was on the set for Michèle Eyenga shoot for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Launch! Check out what game changing product was used to create these amazing looks!

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