Grow in Those Patches This November: The 3 Things You Need To Do Now

Grow in Those Patches This November: The 3 Things You Need To Do Now

With #beardgang in full effect, it's no wonder more and more people are electing to maintain their facial hair. Growing a beard can certainly have its challenges but can be easier than you think - if you know what to do. Outside of maintaining a healthy diet, here are the 3 most important steps you can take in order to grow a handsome beard this fall. 

Step 1: Cleanse With A Gentle Beard Shampoo

Any hair growth process starts with the foundation - cleansing. Select a beard shampoo too drying - it will strip the hair and skin of its much needed moisture; elect to skip the cleansing step all together - it will leave harmful dirt and debris trapped in your natural oils and clog pores. To find a happy medium, put down the bar soap and pick up a bottle that packs a moisturizing pouch you can feel and smell! Aaron Wallace Hydrating Hair & Beard Shampoo  is gentle on your beard (hair and scalp) for a deep clean without stripping away your hair's natural oils. This all natural beard shampoo has a unique blend of Mango Butter and Black Seed Oil to grant a revitalizing experience for your beard, keeping it nourished and hydrated.  

Step 2: Moisturizing Your Beard is a MUST!

This is often the forgotten step even though now-a-days fellas have so many options from which to choose. Whether its a conditioning beard balm like Uncle Jimmy Beard Softener or Aaron Wallace Hair & Beard Moisturiser With Mango Butter + Blackseed Oil, these products are meant to infuse the hair with a healthy dose of moisture and softness. Curly, Afro hair is highly prone to water loss. Less water means dry hair and increased breakage which leads to premature hair recession, patches in the beard, and split ends. So for those of you looking to grow a healthy beard fast, do NOT skip this step.  

Step 3: Seal in Moisture With a Beard Oil 

Beard growth oils are named for that reason - they grow your beard. This secret weapon is the culmination of all priors because it locks in the moisture from both the shampoo and beard moisturizer. Oils lock in moisture by placing a finishing coat atop the hair to trap moisture within the cuticle. If you are simply using a beard oil, without the other steps, how much moisture have you locked in? I'll wait...

Once the moisture is locked and loaded into your beard, you can repeat this step as often as needed. Beard growth oils, and beard oils in general, hold the hair cuticle in place to prevent moisture from escaping, rehydrate your beard, and add a healthy shine that gets the stares. Select an intoxicating beard oil blend highlighted by Peppermint and Cinnamon with Velvet Noir Blak Ice, a bold beard oil blend highlighted by Cinnamon with Citrus undertones with Velvet Noir Lagniappe Beard Oil, or any other oil with notes that spark the senses. Soon everyone will know #beardseason is in full effect when you step in the room... KABOOM!

The WH Wrap Up

Male grooming is no longer taboo. With so many options available, you can decide how much time you would like to dedicate to your self-care regimen. Just remember, when you make yourself a priority everyone, including you, will notice.   

Pro Tip: Use Velvet Noir Peachwood Beard Comb to evenly distribute beard products from root to tip.

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