How to Slay Your Natural Hair Journey [2021] : Tips and Tricks from Ecoslay's Founder

How to Slay Your Natural Hair Journey [2021] : Tips and Tricks from Ecoslay's Founder

 All natural, toxic free products, also known as clean beauty, have become the alluring pull towards brands like Ecoslay. With consumers becoming more aware of the harmful effects of chemicals and other toxic ingredients used to manufacture hair products, it is no surprise boutique brands are creating a formidable niche within the natural hair community. They have continued to make big waves since 2015 with their environmentally friendly concept and curl hydrating products. This has landed them features in Forbes, Entertainment Tonight, and others making them a staple product provider for industry insiders like Kimberly Cherrell  and savvy consumers alike. The WH Shop was lucky enough to speak with Ecoslay’s founder, Adria Marshall. Hear what this industry leader has to say in our interview about tackling your natural hair journey and how they continue to add to the clean beauty industry below.


What are some of the gaps you noticed in the curly hair industry that you hope to change with Ecoslay?

  • "I ultimately started Ecoslay because I wasn’t able to find a line of products that worked well for my own hair. I simply wanted to use products that contained good ingredients, and were as natural as possible and worked consistently - it seemed like a simple goal but one that I was unable to meet."


How do the ingredients in Ecoslay’s products help to improve the health of the hair? 

  • "Where do I even start?! When we are formulating a new product, we are as equally concerned with the outward appearance the product gives the hair as we are with the nutritional benefits. We truly believe that what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it. This is why each product has an 'About the Ingredients' link that explains why each ingredient was chosen." 


What advice would you give anyone looking to start their natural hair journey?

  • "Learn your hair type. Oftentimes, we feel that it’s necessary to start looking for those HG [hair growth] products. Then, before we know it, we have a “Product Graveyard” on our hands. Most times, the issue doesn’t lie with the products that we are using but the lack of knowledge of our hair type and the techniques that we need to learn to work with it. For example, if you’re low porosity and not clarifying, almost no styling product is going to achieve what you’re looking for. You have to understand that low porosity hair is prone to buildup and needs a fresh set of cuticles to work with. Once you get a good clarifying routine down, you’ll be amazed at how well many of those stylers in your “Product Graveyard” work. Many times when I’m asked for product recommendations, I educate on the 4-part hair type (porosity, density, diameter, pattern). Once we have a good understanding there, I often point them right back to the products that they already have and then advise them on the Ecoslay products that they can reach to after they’ve exhausted their stash."


What are your 3 top selling products and why do your customers love them?

  • "Our top sellers are Orange Marmalade, Jello Shot and Matcha Boost, followed closely by Banana Cream. Orange Marmalade and Jello Shot are great because they provide outstanding curl definition and retention. Orange Marmalade is more lightweight, but don’t be fooled by the consistency - hold for days! Jello Shot takes it a step further by adding some weight to the curls and even more hold. Matcha Boost is amazing because it’s formulated with 2 different types of protein that can be absorbed by both fine and coarse hair strands. It’s unique in that the keratin that we use is veggie-based whereas most protein treatments with keratin are animal-derived."

The WH Wrap Up

It’s nice to see the hair industry is becoming more inclusive with brands like Ecoslay, making non toxic vegan products more accessible for health conscious consumers. Long gone are the days where we had to sacrifice being able to read the label while looking to hydrate and strengthen our tresses. As Adria mentioned it is essential to learn your hair type when starting your natural hair journey and we couldn't agree more. The WH Shop was also privy to exclusive knowledge that Ecoslay is tirelessly working on upgrading their packaging to refillable pouches and mason jars. Being able to reduce their plastic use by 80% with this change would further their mission in preserving our environment. Who says you can’t slay your curls in everyday life and save the planet! What's your favorite Ecoslay product and what should they develop next? Share your thoughts with the Wolf Pack below.

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These products are THE ABSOLUTE BEST clean, natural products out there for curly hair; and Adria is wonderful!!!

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This was a great! Thanks for sharing these amazing tips please keep them coming


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