Quarantine Friendly FASHION!

Quarantine Friendly FASHION!

Fashion is all about looking and feeling you best in the big city. Brunches, parties, or just hanging will the girls, this is where we really shine. Here are some of my favorite fashion trends that can take any look to the next level!

Here are some simply way to add a little extra umph to your look. Even though the #fashion industry is delayed in producing collections due to covid-19, here are some of my favorites that deserve a second look while we wait.

Ignore the "Less is more. Remove one thing before you leave" rule

" Life isn't perfect but your accessories can be" - someone on Google

I. Stylish hairpins 

This is one trend that I love because it's a refreshing twist on my childhood memories. I loved having a ton of clips and accessories in my hair so I could swing them, and feel like a #boss on the playground. Now, I get to do it all over again with this insanely wicked trend. You can add your #hairpins, clips, catch phrases, and whatever else you can think of to offer some nostalgia to lifeless hair. This is a low cost way to add some extra spicy to your overall look. Your #mask couldn't even mess this one up!

II. #Drip #Drip #Drip

Growing up in hip hop and #Caribbean culture during the 90's, it was all about the drip - especially gold. Jewelry just does something to me and I know many would agree. If you feel the same, this is a great trend for you. Layer rings across multiple fingers; even more than one per finger is allowed. Combine different necklaces or bracelets for this layered look as well. Thin and dainty, your grandmother's favorite ring, stones, crystals, or a combination of all to be the source of good energy and vibrations. Layer up finally has a new meaning.

III. Your favorite artist sweatshirt

Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.

Ok sooo yes, this is far from a recent trend, but hear me out! We are not going anywhere extravagant these days. I wanted to include something on the list that would be comfortable to wear around the house. Even though this is a casual look, it is sure to bring back some good intense memories. Concerts with great music now seem like the good old days when our favorite artist were the catalyst for making great memories with friends. Putting on one of these is sure to inspire a laugh session during a zoom call with friends as you take a stroll down memory lane. Combine with the other trends on this list, some great #music, and enjoy the good times that may have been lost in the shuffle of everyday life.

Final Thoughts

Even though we may not end up going many places this year, we all have something in our closet that makes us feel good. Remember how amazing you are even if your situation is not perfect. We all love that moment when we walk past the mirror, and say "Damnnnnn Gina" but mean it in a good way.


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